Hi there…

Hi, I’m Janet and this is my story of Chronic Pain.

Chronic – Well 36 years should count as chronic in anybody’s books.

Pain – Aching, burning, relentless, moderate then very strong, mysterious because often there seems to be no direct cause, occurring in just about every quadrant of my body though not all at once.

Story – It’s my story so I can tell it my way. It’s not just a story. But I don’t want to sit around indulging in huge outpourings of the torturous path this condition has taken me. This much I will say:

It hurts.

It hurts that others don’t understand how difficult it is to live with pain.

It hurts that doctors can’t take the pain away.

It hurts a lot and

it keeps on hurting.

And yet my life is so much more than pain. It is a life worth living and a story worth telling.

An Endocrinologist had said that my muscle pain was a result of having Hashimoto’s disease – a term for an underactive thyroid.

The first Rheumatologist I saw told me I had fibromyalgia and this was the diagnosis I lived with and which other doctors accepted for a number of years.

A General Physician much more recently had said to forget about fibromyalgia – instead it’s a disease of the nervous system that is giving me neuropathic pain. My best understanding of this term is that the source of the problem is the nervous system but it shows up as pain in muscles and other soft tissue as well as in the nerves.

And a Musculoskeletal Physician has said that I also have myofascial pain which  has disturbed the nerves so that I experience local pain as well as referred pain.

Obviously chronic pain is difficult to understand even for doctors. For the present I think chronic neuropathic, muscular and myofascial pain is a good description.

Hi, whoever you are! I assume you are reading this because you also have a pain condition.

I want to give you hope. I will share  things that have actually reduced my pain or given me inner strength.



And don’t forget my Disclaimer : You should seek medical advice from a health professional about your medical condition and treatment. Be aware that your type of pain may be different to mine. I have repeatedly tried and proven to myself the measures and products I will write about. But if you try something that I discuss in my blog, then you alone are responsible for making that choice or for purchasing that therapeutic aid.

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