The one principle for reducing pain

One principle must be uppermost if you wish to reduce your pain.

To reduce your pain you must reduce your pain.

I emphasise this because although it appears to be a sensible and inherently obvious principle I have experienced a common attitude from others that I should carry on regardless of pain and ‘just get on with it’. There was a theory at one pain clinic that the more a person experienced the pain the more they would get used to it mentally and so be able to minimise the pain. Perhaps with other types of pain this works but in my experience this is completely the wrong approach.

Let me explain.

The more you experience chronic pain the the more pervasive. extensive, intensive and prolonged the pain will become.The longer the pain persists the more difficult it will be to get rid of it.

Number 1 Principle

Number 1 Principle

Calm down.

If medication cannot reduce the pain enough then you need to find out for yourself what does. Keep track of the things that seem to make your pain better or worse. Don’t think you are being a hero by ignoring the pain or pushing through the pain because you are actually exacerbating your condition. Of course there are certain situations beyond your control when you will simply have to endure pain. And certain occasions when it is worth enduring the pain. Otherwise, wherever possible you need to arrange your lifestyle so that you are not putting pressure on your nervous system.Or else you will pay for it later on.

So Fellow Chronic Pain Sufferers,

If this makes you feel like yelling at me,

‘I’ve tried everything I can and I still can’t reduce the pain’

then keep reading the blog

as step by step I will share things that have made a definite reduction in my pain.

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