Magnets for calming pain

Magnets for chronic pain?

Yes! Even though magnets are more commonly associated with arthritis and joint pain, they are also effective with myofascial pain. Let me explain their application in more detail so that you can consider their effectiveness.

Not magnets that are jewellery and are designed for painful joints.

Not magnetic underlays or inserts.

Not magnetic bands.

Just magnetic discs.

I buy ones that need to be applied with micropore tape. They are small but strong – with a Gauss Rating of 2350. They are marked (with a dot) to indicate which side is north-facing. This is the side which needs to be against the skin.

I use individual magnetic discs from Happy Daze Magnets.

individual magnetic discs

I prod and poke my own body to locate a painful site – unless the burning areas need no reminders! Then I simply tape one of the discs onto a painful spot and leave for a day or more and reapply as needed. If that point is now quite calm, another spot close by may have flared up.

For instance, certain chairs will inevitably make a long-standing area flare up in one of my buttocks. I push into several points in this area until I locate the most painful site and then I stick a magnet there. I may need more than one magnet to cover the area.

[NOTE WELL. I don’t need to understand whether the pain is occurring in muscles, tendons, nerve endings, myofascial trigger points or acupressure points… But I have gradually come to understand how pain can be referred from the pelvis and leg to the foot and from the shoulder and arm to the hand, and from the upper back and neck to the head. So if my hand is aching I put magnets on painful points along the arm. Similarly there is no use putting magnets on my aching foot – instead I look for the painful sites in my buttock or down the leg.]

Magnets are a safe and inexpensive option. They are in keeping with The Number One Principle – use whatever method you can to reduce your pain. Magnets give good symptomatic relief and they will contribute to the nervous system being calmer. They are one tool in a kit that keeps pain at more manageable levels. Having tools that I can pull out to manage my pain gives me a sense of control and this also helps me to remain mentally calmer.

Even though I now have more advanced ways of managing pain I still use magnets in certain situations – they are like trusty old friends! My only advice is – don’t wear them on unexposed parts of your body (or people will think you are more crazy than they already believe) or when you are passing though airport screening.

Once again if you decide to try them (Disclaimeryou need to track their effectiveness for yourself. If they really work well in a particular site and you want to be certain of always hitting the spot then you can mark your skin with a cross using a permanent marker until it is indelibly imprinted in your memory. Of course this will confirm to lovers that you really are crazy!